Disable Antivirus for parental control or forgot password : Easy File Locker

As some parents will use parental controls in their children’s computer, the children might not be able to browse some of the website or use some applications or some parents(or other people)  will forget the password. This tool can disable the antivirus or other applications and files.

Easy File Locker Official Homepage:http://www.xoslab.com/index.html
Easy File Locker Official Download :http://www.xoslab.com/download.html


1. Run it after installtion. You will see the following:
2. Select “Edit”  and select “Add Folder”.

3. You will see the following:

4. Uncheck “Accessible” , “Writable” and “Deletable” (You may uncheck the other one but these three must be unchecked).
5.  Select the path of the Antivirus.
6.  Click “OK”

Steps for setting the password:

1. Select “System” and select “Set Password”

2. Type in the password twice and press “OK”

3.  The password has been set sucessfully.

You may easily disable it by pressing “Stop Protection”
You may also use this to lock your files or folders by the same way.


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